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Structural Steel Cutting Solutions

Structural Steel Band Saw

Choose Ted Machines and save time and money from the beginning of your Steel Fabricating Job.
Cut any size beam, right away.
Don’t wait for your steel service center to cut your beams, cut them yourself and save the extra cost.
Eliminate flame cutting of large beams our band saws are capable of cutting up to 40" Beams.
Reduce production time and save on wages.


OL500800DGgoodDual Column Miter Band Saw Machines, Structural Steel Band Saw Machines

The Jaespa DGH series are dual column miter band saws that offer a unique combination of two-way miter cutting capability and large cutting capacities, with very acute miter angles adjusted by a digital readout. The frequency-regulated, step-less drive ensures optimum performance on a wide variety of materials. Our Torque Suspension System creates dynamic independence of the bandwheel tension and main motor gearbox, ensuring low vibration and longer service life. Ease of operation and a compact footprint make these band saw machines ideal for fabricators and steel service centers.



Jaespa7501300Doual Column Double Miter Structural Steel Band Saw

Designed specifically for Structural Steel Fabricators and steel service centers, the Ted Machines Structural Steel Band Saws are designed to cut the largest and heaviest Structural Steel beams, Saving you time and money by reducing cutting cost and material handling fabricating your steel.

Our Saws are made in Germany and the quality is the best there is. Every machine is tested and inspected several times before it reaches our customer. We provide technical support 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are deticaded to our customer satisfaction.

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