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OL 420 HP


Cutting range  
 Capacity at 90 ° in     16 17/32
16  9/64
16 17/32 × 16 9/64
Material support height in 24 51/64
Sawband speed m/min 15-100
Sawband dimmensions in 5300x34x1.1
Drive power:    
Saw motor hp 5,44
Coolant pump hp 13,59
Hydraulic motor hp 82,94
chip conveyer hp 24,47
Overall dimensions:    
length ft 8ft 9.11
width ft 3ft 7.30
height ft 5ft 10.86
Net weight lb 3637lb



The model OL 420 HP is a high efficiency semi-automatically operated bandsaw cutting machine with parallel saw bow guiding for industrial usage and ultimate application for cutting of solids, pipes and profiles of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The cutting process performs automatically without operator’s involvement. The saw bow runs downwards via gravitational way and the feeding speed is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder and a valve.

The profile shall be clamped hydraulically and the cutting cycle runs automatically: material clamping, cutting, saw bow goes upwards, material releasing.

The cutting speed is assured by an asynchrony electric motor and it is frequency controlled at the range of 15 ÷ 100 m/min.

The machine OL 420 HP belongs to the category of semi-automatic machines equipped with a hydraulic system, allowing automation of many working operations (material clamping in the vice, saw bow movement up and down), and a cutting force control. The machine is equipped with a system for automatic tracking both of the feeding speed and the cutting force. At the cutting feed extremely increasing the saw bow slows automatically to its full stop and smoothly increasing up to the set value after the cutting force is normalized.

Saw bow feeding – hydraulically;
Saw bow lifting – hydraulically;
Material clamping – hydraulically;
Saw blade tensioning – manually;
Cutting length setting – manually;
Movable band guide adjustment – automatically

Easy maintenance, minimal required floor space
Simple servicing and long working life
Excellent relation price/productivity/quality

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