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V 300 DG

Cutting range b(bxh)
Capacity at 90 ° in 11 13/16
11 13/16
11 13/16 × 16 17/32
Capacity at 45 ° in 10 15/64
10 15/64
11 13/16 × 10 15/64
Capacity at 30° in 6 19/64
6 19/64
11 13/16 × 6 19/64
Mitre cutting range – le/ri   30° 90° 30°
Sawband speed m/min 35/70
Sawband dimmensions in 3660x27x0,9
Drive power:    
Saw motor hp 1.495583779/2.039432426
Coolant pump hp 13,59621617
Hydraulic motor hp 24,47318911
Chip brush hp x
Material support height in 35  7/16
Overall dimensions:    
length in 5ft 2.99
width in 2ft 9.46
height in 7ft 2.61
Net weight LB 1741lb



The model V 300 DG is a vertical manually operated bandsaw cutting machine applicable both for straight and miter cutting in the rage of 30° at left – 90° – 30° at right of profiles, pipes and solid of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The construction of V 300 DG allows precise infinitely variable cutting angle setting with manual fixation and visualization by a mechanically printed scale having accuracy of 1°.

The saw bow of the bandsaw cutting machine V 300 DG is rigidly supported. The saw bow rotation axle coincident with the cross point of the saw blade and the immovable vices jaws plane and the working table’s surface guarantying higher accuracy during measuring and cutting under the angle of 90° or any other angle.

The cutting process performs automatically without operator’s influence. The saw bow runs via hydraulic cylinder and its feeding speed can be changed by a precise hydraulic control valve.

The welded construction of the working table of the machine V 300 DG with two T-slots allows non-conflict loading of the materials with a crane especially such as materials having improper geometric form.

Saw bow feeding – hydraulically;
Material clamping – manually;
Saw blade tensioning – manually;
Saw bow tilting left/right – manually;
Saw bow fixing – manually;
Upper band guide position adjustment – manually;

The model V 300 DG requires extremely small floor area as per the machine’s cutting range.

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